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My name is Lars Patenaude, and I have been a stay-at-home father for the past 15 years.  Prior to that I worked in International relations in Switzerland and Bosnia and Herzegovina.   Once I settled things over there, and after our first child was born, my marvelous wife decided to follow a childhood dream to attend medical school.  It was at this point I relocated my conflict resolution practice to home, with my children.  We have since raised three wonderful daughters, and all joking aside, I would not have traded this opportunity for the world! 

Now that my wife has more humane hours (so long, residency and inpatient!), and our eldest has a driver's license (!!), they are able to pick up some of my taxi duties, and I follow many great stay-at-home pioneers into the Real Estate business (flexibility to make it to school activities, while earning some money and--let’s not forget--the opportunity to spend time with grown-ups again).

Although I am new to real estate at the time of this writing, my wife's entire family is in real estate, and I have not made it through 15 years of family gatherings without picking up a thing or three. And fear not, if there is something I cannot answer immediately, I have the resource of my experienced and knowledgeable colleagues at the touch of a phone.

I can promise one thing to you.  That is, I will do my best to serve your needs with all of my ability.  I cannot abide dissatisfaction.